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I am going to use this blog to tell you about my Learning Journey. I’ll add all my achievements from inside and outside school.  I’ll also add some news about what’s happening in my life. Click on the ‘Categories’ section in my sidebar to find out more.

chinese new year

IMG_0688 IMG_0686   hi world. Chinese new year was on last Friday (31/1/14) my family was suppose to have diner in this restaurant but we were all too busy so we change it to a Monday night at 6o’clock. at the restaurant my uncles and auntie gave me some red pockets. Red pockets

are thing that elders put money inside them.

IMG_0683  IMG_0684


I saw my cousin that I haven’t seen a long time like my uncles and my favourite cousin Louise. first we had some soup and then rice with chicken and some more stuff. At the very end we had deserts.


Hi everyone I am looking forward to Christmas. For Christmas I would like a I pod 5th generation, a Sony Laptop, and lots lots lots more. In class i have been learning coordinates. we are do line to line to make pictures. yesterday we done our Christmas concert we have to sing cowboy carol, oh i wish it could be chrismas.




sudden Glow of Gold summery

 The story starts in a boy’s room, the boys name is Toby.Toby had to tidy his room but he found a brass lamp and then he rubbed it. A genie came out, his name was  Hasan. Hasan took Toby to ancient  Arabia. Hasan and Toby went to a palace and then Hasan stared to talk about his love story.

The Happy Thought journal

Hi world I done a happy thought journal for home work  the date was 21.3.13 . Here are the  list . 

I was happy because  I was allowed to make origami and  and do fun things .  my mum bought me a snow globe with a picture of a panda on it , panda hat and a panda pencil case .

I’m looking forward to do new stuff for school .

I learned how to read grams and kilograms in maths in school .

 I helped people by sharing ideas ,playing with  them makes me very happy .

 I enjoy playing with my friend Nicole , Aimee  and do thing with them.



Larbert High School Trash Fashion Show

Hello world . On Thursday I went to larbert high trash fashion show. It was amazing . My sister was a designer . The dress is like a black dress with a muticlour short dress ,and black glove with white braclet.Her are some picture of the dress


this is the back                











here’re is more picture











































random acts of kindess

Recently in class we have been trying out some kindness Ideas. We are ambassadors of Kindness and wisdom. Kindness means that you are nice and kind and you are not being cruel to someone like a friend or family member. Wisdom means being sensible and always doing the right thing. In school you would help friends and don’t leave someone out. We made business cards and we put how to contact us on them and our wee mee’s. Wee mee’s rock! We also put the school badge and what we were for ambassadors and what it means.
We made snowflakes and we called them secret compliments. We folded it and cut some shapes such as cuboids, squares, rectangles, sphere, triangles and diamonds. We made letters and books for primary 1. First we read the letter to them to tell we are their reading buddies. We interviewed the primary 1s. Nicole’s three buddies were Alisha M, Evie H and Aidan Chloe’s buddies’ names are Mai T, Henry and Josh. We Interviewed them about the books as well. Chloe’s is called The turtle who was afraid of the water and Nicole’s is called The secret about the bears. We got a brown envelope and pieces of paper and we got everyone’s envelope with their names on it and we wrote something nice like you’re a great friend and you always care. Chloe and Nicole.